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We grow all of our own flowers for design that suprises & delights the senses.  In our shop you'll find seasonal fresh grab'n'go bouquets, elegant vased arrangements, dried flower bundles, potted succulents, herb salt, seasonal gourds & wreaths, and even save our own flower seeds for you to plant & grow in your garden.


Workshops & Events

  • Wed, Jun 02
    Jun 02, 11:00 AM
    Learn how to build a raised bed with minimal materials, equipment, & cost. Understand all the basic aspects of creating & maintaining a raised bed by adapting foundational horticultural concepts to suit your specific circumstances.
  • Sat, Apr 10
    Hugelkultur growing kindness webinar
    Apr 10, 9:00 AM
    Hugelkultur growing kindness webinar
    Hugelkultur is a German method of gardening that mimics the natural forest ecosystem. Mounds of wood debris hold moisture, build fertility, maximize surface volume, & are great spaces for growing. Join the Growing Kindness team of cultivators & ambassadors as we learn this proven no-till method.

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