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Murder the weeds in your garden,

one cuppa tea at a time!

The Full Story

Midday Murder

Midday Murder is a daily ritual of recentering that ANYONE can do!  We guarantee that your heart will feel lighter, your mind clearer, & your garden will get the health benefits too!

It started out with constant struggles & frustrations during the witching hour.  You know... it's that crazy time of day with 1000 transitions as you're leaving work mode, picking up kiddos, chauffeuring people to all the places while offering snacks they will reject & wardrobe they'll complain about, forgetting at least 1 shoe or grabbing the wrong bag, making dinner, switching hats & energy levels, & all the tedious errands.  I was tired & cranky & wanting it to go smoother.  

One day, I had a girlfriend over for tea while the kiddos played.  It was delightful, peaceful, & felt fancy.  I wondered why every afternoon couldn't flow that pleasantly.  Then I realized, I am adult.  I COULD make tea for myself anytime!

From that realization, I started a daily habit of making myself a cup of tea 15 mins or so before ending work.  While it steeped, I took the rest of the kettle of boiling water to the driveway & poured it over the weeds.  BOILING WATER RUPTURES THE CELL WALLS (beware your bare toes!) making it impossible for the plant to photosynthesize AKA starves to death.  Muah ha ha ha! You murderer you!  (Bonus: no crouching or bending to weed, it's FREE, safe for kids, pets, & pollinators!)

Then I'd sip my tea letting my mind unwind before the transition & getting my blood sugar levels up before greeting the kiddos, running the errands, making the meals, etc. I felt myself becoming more centered & comfortable.  When I felt better, I was more pleasant & agreeable.  When I would act/react that way, nearly everyone else would respond back to me that way too! My witching hour has become exponentially better since starting my daily murder ritual.  I wonder if midday murder would make your day/mood/garden a little brighter?? Give it a try & tag us on social media to join the official club! 

Tag @suotfarm on social media in your midday murder ritual & we'll mail you our official Midday Murder Club sticker!


Midday Murder mugs, reusable silicone tea strainers, stickers, logo hats, & locally blended herbal teas.


Can you do it anytime/day?

YES! You can use boiling water any day, anytime, rain or shine, summer or winter.  Leftover pasta water works great too!  

Does it actually work?

YES! Boiling water ruptures the cell walls of the plant making it impossible for it to photosynthesize, which is its food source.  Without those leaves, the plant will starve to death or put out new leaves to survive.  Never fear! You'll be back with another pot of boiling water so you can murder those new leaves too!

Will boiling water hurt other plants?

YES!  Boiling water is indiscriminate.  It will rupture cell walls of whatever it touches...beware bare toes & plants you want to keep alive.  We love to use this weeding method on pathways, driveways, sidewalks, etc. & not typically in our garden beds.

Is Midday Murder safe for pollinators?

YES! Since it is only boiling water, it contains to chemicals or harmful substances to animals, insects, pollinators, etc.  There is no period of waiting before reentry until it is safe.  The water cools within 1 minute & you can usually see a change in the color of the leaves within 1-5 minutes.

Will the weeds regrow?

Depends.  If the plant has a large root system that can feed the plant temporarily, it might put out more leaves.  In which case, you can boil the new leaves until no more come back!  Boiling water on bare earth does not prevent new weed seeds from germinating.    

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