Succulent Pumpkin

Succulent Pumpkin

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Each pumpkin is hand selected for size and beauty and grown right here in Skagit Valley, WA.  SUOT Farm and Flowers supplies 100% of the succulents and everlasting dried botanicals that are adhered to the outside of the pumpkin.  Your succulent pumpking will not be exactly as pictured as each one is individually handcrafted with the best product available. Each pumpkin will be a wonderful blend of florist's choice but include a mix of both fresh and dried floral materials. We try our absolute best to honor requests so please include preferences if you have them. This is not meant for consumption.  If kept out of direct sun and heat, it will keep for months with no care.

    This is not meant for consumption.  If kept out of direct sun and heat, it will keep for months with no care.  Succulents will continue to grow and reach for the light.  After the pumpkin season has passed, succulents can be gingerly dismantled and planted! Everytihing else may be composted or discarded.  


    We are unable to accept pumpkin returns but if you are unsatisfied or your succulent pumpkin arrives severely damaged, please contact us directly and immediately via email: with photos and specific greivance. We will do our best to make it right with you!


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